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Learn More About Your Charleston Heating & Air Conditioning Professionals

Air Plus Heating & Air About UsAir Plus Heating & Air was formed in 2003 not only to provide superior installations and service, but also to provide a much needed whole-building system approach to resolving comfort and health-related issues resulting from, or aggravated by, inadequate interior environmental control. To accomplish this goal, Air Plus Heating & Air has assembled a team of professionals unmatched in the industry and capable of providing services well beyond the abilities of a typical air conditioning company.

Our President, Louis Schweers, PE, has over 15 years of experience dealing specifically with comfort, reliability, energy, moisture and indoor air quality issues. Louis has the “real world” background and experience to develop realistic solutions for even the most challenging situations. He also heads up our engineering department, an asset unrivaled by any other heating and air conditioning company in the Charleston Area.

Robbie Fischer, our Vice President of Operations, brings to Air Plus Heating & Air over 25 years of consulting and service industry experience. Possessing equal strengths in system evaluation, troubleshooting and installation of quality systems, Robbie’s experience in the field enables him to not only provide a “fix”, but rather to provide the “solution” to your health and comfort needs.

Rounding out our team are the most qualified sales people, office staff, technicians and installers in the industry.


Meet our Principals

Louis SchweersLouis Schweers, President

A Licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years of residential and commercial experience, Louis has concentrated almost exclusively on HVAC, energy, moisture and indoor air quality issues. His unique combination of education and experience qualifies him as one of the foremost moisture control and indoor air quality engineers in South Carolina. Recognized as a leading authority in the field, Louis is often asked to provide expert testimony in legal cases involving mold, moisture and indoor air quality issues. Having worked with Air Plus Heating & Air for several years on numerous successful projects, Louis joined Air Plus Heating & Air in 2007 (and later became President) with a goal of providing unparalleled turnkey diagnostic, design and installations services to the Lowcountry.

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