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Air Filtration Systems for Your Home or Business

Air quality is important to all of us. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesess all over the world work toward a cleaner environment on our planet. While it’s not possible to clean every bit of outdoor air, we can clean up the air in our main living space, our homes and workplaces.

A few common gases that are present in our environment tend to build up in enclosed spaces. Carbon monoxide is one that is extremely dangerous. It is referred to as a silent killer because it’s so difficult to detect.

Anwhere that fuel is burned, carbon monoxide is present. If you have a gas or oil fed furnace, you could be exposed to carbon monoxide. If this gas is present, it could result in serious injury or death. Special equipment is needed to test for this poisonous air, but also detectors are available for installation that will serve you around the clock.

Polutants and other contaminants are also regularly present in the air we breathe. And once again, when it’s all within a closed up space like our homes, it can become irritating or make you ill. While it’s rare, death can come from mold and mildew.

Air filtration does much to reduce the polutants in the air. Air filtration cannot clean up poisonous gases, but it can do wonders for purifying the air of contaminants.

You have many options for air filtration systems that will remove dust, dirt, pollen, dander, mold spores, and other particles. There are small units available, but generally a whole home system is recommended. When all rooms in the house are processed by an air filtration system, you maintain a well cleaned quality of air in every room.

Your furnace consists of an air handler that is located indoors. The filtration on your air handler works to remove indoor pollution by capturing particles.

HEPA systems are highly functional, removing the most contaminants possible. The air filter that fits on your furnace offers only a fraction of the filtration that a HEPA filter will. However, the air purification systems with UV light technology will do even more.

Our homes should be a place of comfort where we can go to renew ourselves. If every time we arrive home we start sneezing and itching, our home can be a miserable place to have to spend time. Many people suffer with allergies or sensitivities that make a difference in their quality of life.

Air filtration will go a long way to helping people who are concerned with indoor air pollution. Breathing healthier air means less chance of illness or health problems.

Your Professional Air Filtration Systems Specialists

Air Plus Heating & Air has been serving customers with reliable air filtration options for many years. Our HVAC technicians are experts at air filtration and much more including:

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  • Furnace Repair, Installation, Replacements
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