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The Best Heating Repair Services in Charleston

Charleston Heating & Air ConditioningYour heat is one of the most important aspects of modern living. It helps to separate us as a modern culture, free from the toils of being left out in the cold. Whenever something malfunctions with the heater, it is crucial that you have it addressed immediately, especially because it is both your comfort and health that is at risk. For fast and reliable heating system repairs, Air Plus Heating & Air are the experts to call.

We’ve proudly served the Charleston area with quality heating system repairs since 2003. Our repair technicians are professionally trained to fix all major brands and styles of heating system. We fix your boiler, heat pump or furnace, and we do it quickly. We boast the fastest response times in the area and we always arrive with a fully stocked work van so we have the proper tools and parts to get to work right away. For many issues, we can complete the repair on the spot, returning you to the comfort of warm air as soon as possible. That is why we are the preferred choice in Charleston for heating repairs.


Quick & Accurate Air Conditioning Repairs for Charleston

Charleston may get cold in the winter, but everything south of the Mason Dixon line gets pretty hot come summer time. That is why your air conditioner is just as important as the heater, and it’ll feel even more important once it hits 90 degrees. When the hot season is upon us and you have your AC running non-stop, it is understandable that wear and tear could cause some faults. If your AC breaks down, Air Plus Heating & Air can help. We are HVAC experts and we know our way around an air conditioner. Our technicians are factory trained to work on any kind of AC unit you may have. Regardless of type or fuel source, we can get it running again.

Don’t suffer through summer days in Charleston with no AC. If your air conditioner stops working or isn’t blowing out cold air, you can call us and we’ll be there promptly to fix it for you. A lot of issues are very simple, but without professional knowledge of the inner workings of an air conditioning system, you wouldn’t know it. So don’t hesitate to call Charleston’s quality AC repair service.


Charleston’s Most Qualified Furnace Repair Technicians

Your furnace is likely the most precious of your appliances. That is because within its belly it burns fuel and produces fire that heats your entire home. If something goes wrong with it, you could be left out in the bitter cold. Here in Charleston that is not a comfortable or safe option. If your pilot light or igniter goes out, or your fan motor stops functioning or any other problem, the furnace repair experts at Air Plus Heating & Air can take care of it for you and quickly.

We are completely dedicated to your comfort and safety. So much so that we never shut our doors to Charleston residents. That means we offer 24 hour emergency furnace repair service. So, if you wake up at 3am shivering, you don’t have to wait until morning. We always have a technician on standby waiting to help. You’ll receive the same prompt and courteous service, no matter what time it is. Don’t suffer the cold any longer than you have to. Air Plus Heating & Air is only a phone call away.


What Charleston Homeowners Are Saying About Us

Air Plus Heating & Air is rated 5 /5  based on these 1 happy customer reviews

The Techs, Paul and Brandon were so awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable. They made sure everything was done correctly, explained everything they did and were a pleasure to deal with! Thank you!

| Charleston, SC


Air Plus came at a critical time..... my old system had completely failed in the height of the summer heat. They furnished at no cost or obligation portable units for my family to use while I considered all of my H/A options. I contacted 5 H/A companies from N. Charleston to Mt. Pleasant. All bids came in within $3,000 of each other. Therefore, I considered the name brands, warranties, and services the companies offered. And the bottom line was, AIR PLUS gave me the best units (2) I considered on the market, the BEST time frame to start and complete the work, and the BEST guarantees for workmanship and satisfaction. I had all old duct work removed from under my one story home, new duct work placed in the attic space, and an additional central air unit for the room over the garage (to replace an inefficient window unit). My air quality has never been better, my air comfort has been excellent, and my electric bills have been moderate (even in extreme weather temperatures). I think the professional service I have received from the bid, to the office contacts, to the installers, and service providers has been of the HIGHEST QUALITY! I highly recommend Air Plus.




Overall Rating: 5/5

| Charleston, SC



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