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An Air Conditioner that Runs All the Time

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Today, an air conditioner that “runs all the time” can actually be a good thing. No I’m not talking about your 10 year old HVAC system that runs non-stop, wasting your energy dollars and doing a lousy job of air conditioning your house. I’m talking about modern, variable speed compressor cooling systems that are designed to constantly match the heat load of your home. These systems (generally heat pumps) run all the time. Well not actually all the time, but if there is any need for cooling, it will be running. And it won’t come on full speed to quickly cool to the thermostat set point and then shut off.

It will start at the lowest speed (both the air handler and compressor) and ramp up as the heat gain on the house increases. And as the heat gain starts to fall off, the system will ramp back down, constantly providing the exact amount of cooling necessary. It works the same way in the heating mode. The result – an extremely energy efficient and quiet air conditioning system that you’ll never swear at because “it runs all the time”.

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