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Keeping Your Charleston Air Conditioning System Efficient

tune-up service

If you want to have nice cool air this coming summer without skyrocketing energy bills, it’s important that you schedule air conditioning maintenance and tune-up service┬áprior to the new season. Since spring will soon be here in Charleston, North Carolina, it’s time to call to schedule service.

When we provide air conditioning maintenance for our customers, our Charleston HVAC contractors do a number of things to also check your a/c function to ensure it’s working properly to cool your home. Among the things we test are the air handler, compressor, refrigerant, thermostat, and any additional equipment attached to your system.

Charleston Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

Your air temperature is tested as it is released from the ventilation ducts. It should reach a minimum standard set forth by ASHRAE, who determines minimum temperatures for the equipment on the day the cooling system was designed.

Many factors can make the air conditioner unable to cool the air to the degree of temperature needed, including moisture levels, coil leaks, and levels of refrigerant that are too low or too high.

During the tune-up service, if there’s a potential problem that can cause later concerns, we’ll be able to detect and determine the best solution for you. Catching an issue before it can cause other problems with your air conditioner system can keep you from having a much more expensive repair to make later.

Checking Your Charleston Home for Other Causes of Inefficient Cooling Problems

Other areas of the home are taken into consideration, and an effective means of solving any issues will be presented to you. For instance, did you know that a gap in your attic space walls can cause a huge difference in your home’s ability to cool down?

This is one of the prime reasons homes have problems with cooling -being properly insulated. There are other issues that can cause poor energy efficiency or other problems:

  • Glass -Windows that are single pane and not sealed right will leak most of your home’s cool air out.
  • Vaulted Ceilings -Vaulted ceilings collect hot air. The placement of a ceiling fan and used on low speed will improve this problem.
  • Stack Effect -(Chimney Effect) Attics that are naturally vented for hot weather are known to draw air out of the home through access openings, canned lights, ventilation fans, and other areas where the home’s equipment penetrates the ceiling.
  • Knee Walls -There is an area located between the living space and attic space of the home that should be properly insulated. If it is not, you’ll certainly have a problem keeping the home cooled.

Inefficient Cooling In Commercial Buildings

Open Returns – Commercial buildings often have air handlers that are located above the ceiling with no ducted return. Instead of the air needing cooling being drawn through ductwork, the pressure within the ceiling space can cause it to be drawn from the outside. This setup can mean a significant amount of unwanted warmer and unfiltered outside air is being drawn into the conditioned space.

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Inefficiency

When you have years in the business like we do here at Air Plus Heating & Air, you’re able to give customers professional services that provide expert troubleshooting and good, strong advice on how to fix the problems.

We’ll not just come take a look around your home and give you a bit of advice. Our air conditioning tune-up and maintenance services include all around services that are meant to keep you comfortable in your home and free from concerns that can be prevented.

Our services also assist you in having the best energy efficiency you can expect out of your building and equipment. When you need your air conditioning system checked and tuned up, call our pros here at Air Plus Heating & Air!

If you are looking for a Heating & Air Conditioning Company in the Charleston area, please call Air Plus Heating & Air at 843-225-6265 or click here to fill out our online request form

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