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Prepare For Cold Weather With Heating Tune-Up & Maintenance

coldIt won’t be long before the weather gets cooler and the holidays begin. Have you prepared your heating system for the cold weather? If not, can you be sure it’s trustworthy all winter long?┬áThe last thing anyone needs is to invite family or friends over for a holiday meal only to have them arrive to find a cold house with a broken down heater. Preparing the heating system is important if you want to be sure it works well all season.

With proper maintenance and seasonal tune-ups, you can be sure your heating equipment stays reliable. During these services, the professional Charleston HVAC Contractor will always evaluate the condition of the equipment so you know of any potential problems before they surprise you.

You’ll also see the most energy efficiency from the heating system with proper maintenance. You’ll have:

  • Reliable Heating With Peace of Mind
  • Extend The Life of The Equipment
  • Enjoy Maximum Energy Efficiency

When To Get Heating Maintenance

Most homes in the state use central heat and air systems. Due to our climate and the fact that we use central heating and cooling equipment, regular HVAC maintenance is important no matter the season.

Maintaining your residential HVAC system once per month is sufficient to keep it operating reliably. Commercial systems may require more frequent maintenance depending on a number of factors.

You can find maintenance plans to suit your needs at Air Plus Heating & Air. You will find discounts, no overtime charges, priority service and more with a service plan.

When To Get A Heating Tune Up In The Charleston Area

The time to prepare the heating system for cold weather varies in every region. Here in South Carolina, the seasons change more slowly. This can mean we will sometimes turn on the heat and switch to the air conditioner on the same day.

A heating tune-up should be done just prior to the time you need to turn it on for the first time. This prepares the furnace after months of sitting idle. Turning it on when it’s not prepared stresses the heating equipment.

In fact, HVAC technicians make the most repairs just after season changes because the systems weren’t properly prepared. Avoid breakdowns with seasonal heating tune-ups. Call today to schedule yours. Cold weather will be here soon.

What’s Involved In A Heating Tune Up?

There are a number of tasks your HVAC technician will perform. Commercial systems are more involved. Regardless, there are many checks performed with adjustments as needed. Tests will also be performed to check refrigerant levels, the temperature of the air coming from vents, pressure, and more. Gas systems will also receive proper attention.

The longevity of the equipment will be assessed as well as potential future repair needs. The pressure of the system will be tested for possible air leaks. Moving parts will be checked, electrical connections checked, and coils or filters checked. Drain lines are cleaned, passages are cleared, coils are cleaned, and lubricants applied where needed. If we need to top off fluids, this will be done.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Heating Maintenance & Tune Ups in Charleston, please call 843-225-6265 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for a Heating & Air Conditioning Company in the Charleston area, please call Air Plus Heating & Air at 843-225-6265 or click here to fill out our online request form

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