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Your Heating & Air System Needs You

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Summerville Heating & Air ConditioningOur heating system depends on us. It’s a system much like a vehicle or other mechanical object that we use every day. You’ve probably heard it over and over again, “Be sure to change your air filter regularly.”

Even though we often hear this good advice, for a variety of reasons it can sometimes be difficult to implement chores like this.

Most of us go about our daily business, taking care of priorities and problems as they come along. Instead of being proactive, which would be scheduling and performing our chores, we are reacting which can lead us to trouble or even chaos.

When we don’t take care of regular chores, like take out the garbage, go grocery shopping, do laundry, etc., things can accumulate and cause problems for us that otherwise would not have occurred. For example, the trash will rot and stink, we will run out of food to serve our family, and we will have to wear dirty, stinky clothes.

The same is true when it comes to other chores around our house, such as maintaining the lawn and performing maintenance on our mechanical systems.

The reason air filters should be changed often is that they stand between the dirty air in your home and a mechanical system that needs to remain clean in order to function properly.

If the system is allowed to accumulate all that dust and dirt that would get trapped on a filter, it will soon need repair and it will cost you a great deal more than a few dollars spent on an air filter.

The issue that comes into play as to why most people forget to change their air filters is that we are busy with other things in life. However, there is an intimidation factor involved also. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, you may feel you have no idea how to change the filter.

Most of us have the skill to perform any number of household chores. But when it comes to being mechanically inclined, well, that’s a talent that not all people have.

Some people are good at decorating, some good at cooking, some good at body work or working with metals, some good at gardening and landscaping, some good with a hammer, and some good with mechanic’s tools.

This is probably the biggest reason people don’t mess around with the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, or other mechanical systems in their home. First, you need to be able to know what you’re doing (have the skills and experience), and second you need to be physically able to do it.

It just doesn’t really make much sense for someone who is good at one thing to try and force themselves into doing other things. However, while this is true, it’s also always good for us to try new things and even learn how to do some new things.

Speaking of learning new things, it’s really not very difficult to change an air filter. But if you’ve never done it and/or you feel really uncomfortable doing mechanical things, you’re not alone and we understand where you are coming from.

Unless you have an issue that keeps you from doing mechanical things, you are encouraged to change your air filter at least monthly. But rest assured if you are not mechanical by nature, we are here to help you at any time!

At Air Plus Heating & Air, our technicians would be happy to come and change your air filter for you and give your HVAC system a tune-up. When we check your heating and air conditioning system, we’d be glad to show you where your air filter is and how to change it. Just give us a call at the number below to learn more.

If you are looking for a Heating & Air Conditioning Company in the Charleston area, please call Air Plus Heating & Air at 843-225-6265 or click here to fill out our online request form

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