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Heat Pump Repair Services

Since 2003, we have been in the business of heat pump repairs. Heat pumps are a great addition for your HVAC system because they provide heating and cooling for your home and are very energy efficient.

If you have a heat pump installed, it operates by extracting the heat from the outside air and routing it through your home. The heat pump in winter will take in air from the outside and collect the heat. Heat exists within all temperatures, even down to an absolute zero (-460 degrees).

During the summer, the process is reversed with the heat pump pulling the heat out of the indoor air and releasing it to the outside.

This is performed by the system via a special liquid refrigerant that circulates between indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant absorbs and releases heat as it travels through a looped system.

Typically, the heat pump system consists of just two major parts. The indoor unit is known as an air handler and the outdoor unit contains the compressor. Indoors, the handler resembles a gas furnace, outdoors it looks just like a regular central air conditioner unit.

The compressor is the central part of the system, pumping and circulating the refrigerant throughout the looped system. The compressor is such a major component that it is important to research the reliability and reputation of the brand when choosing a heat pump.

A complete heat pump system consists of:

  • An outdoor unit – The heat pump, contains the compressor, fan, reversing valve, and outdoor coil.
  • An indoor unit – The air handler, contains the indoor fan, coil, and a supplemental heater
  • Optional Air Cleaner – You can add on a whole house air cleaner for air purification
  • Thermostat – The main control inside that allows you to program and set functions of the system

Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps can malfunction due to a number of reasons, and it’s not always easy to tell there is a problem. Here are some common issues you may notice if your heat pump isn’t working properly:

  • Strange Sounds – Humming, vibrating, buzzing, and pressure relief noises are normal. Loud vibrating, clanging, scraping, or banging is not.
  • No sounds – Your system isn’t turning on and should be examined by a professional if you have already checked the circuit breakers. Also, if you have gas or oil fed furnaces with your heat pump system, check for other power switches that may have been turned off.
  • Steam or frost – Because the outdoor coils maintain a temperature below 32 degrees during normal operation, frost may settle on it if it is humid outside. Mist, rain, and sleet will produce frost on the system. Also, steam may rise from the unit which occurs when the heat pump runs its defrost cycle.

Your Professional Heat Pump Repair Specialists

Air Plus Heating & Air has been serving customers with reliable heat pump repairs for many years. Our heating repair experts are professionally trained to repair or install virtually any type of heat pump system.

We are not only highly skilled, but are also dedicated to giving you comfort in your home as quickly as possible. This is one reason we are well known as specialists in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.

We provide Heat Pump Repair Services in the following cities, towns and islands:

Awendaw, SC | Charleston, SC | Daniel Island, SC | East Cooper, SC | Folly Beach, SC | Goose Creek, SC | Isle of Palms, SC | James Island, SC | Johns Island, SC | Kiawah Island, SC | Moncks Corner, SC | Mount Pleasant, SC | Seabrook Island, SC | Summerville, SC | Sullivan’s Island, SC | West Ashley, SC

If you need Heat Pump Repair, call 843-225-6265 or complete our online request form.

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