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Heat Pump Replacement Services

Every mechanical system has a length of time that it was meant to perform. In general, most manufacturers of heat pumps say they should last for about fifteen years. Extended warranties are also available that can extend the guarantee for five to ten more years.

How long they last depends a great deal on how much maintenance and upkeep the system has seen during its lifetime. If poorly maintained, years are cut short and the unit will need to be replaced sooner than expected.

All mechanical systems in your home need to be maintained. When they’ve seen the last of their lifetime of functioning, they need replacement. Along the way, parts are replaced as needed.

There are many parts that can be replaced, such as pumps or condensers, coils, wiring, etc, but at some point it becomes a matter of cost vs. additional longevity. If it makes more sense to replace the unit instead of continuing to make repairs, it is wise to do so.

Air Plus Heating & Air will always give you an honest answer when it comes to what is best for you – replacement vs. repair. We will never try to advise you to replace your heat pump if it is not the right thing to do.

We have been in the business of heat pump replacement for over a decade in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas and we specialize in heat pump replacement and repairs.

Your heat pump is part of your HVAC system. It operates by processing the air from the outside, extracting warmer air and bringing into the home. Liquid refrigerant operates in reverse during the wintertime by taking the warmer air that exists in all temperatures (including absolute zero -460 degrees F).

During the summertime, the process is reversed as it pulls the heat out of the indoor air and releases it to the outside.

Typically, the heat pump system consists of just two major parts, the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor. The compressor is the main part of the system. It pumps and circulates refrigerant through a loop.

When your heat pump needs replacing, it’s important to research the reliability and reputation of the brand. We can advise you on what system options you have available if your heat pump unit needs replacement.

A complete heat pump system consists of a number of parts that could need replacement including:

  • An outdoor unit – The heat pump, contains the compressor, fan, reversing valve, and outdoor coil.
  • An indoor unit – The air handler, contains the indoor fan, coil, and a supplemental heater
  • Optional Air Cleaner – You can add on a whole house air cleaner for air purification
  • Thermostat – The main control inside that allows you to program and set functions of the system

Your Professional Heat Pump Replacement Specialists

Air Plus Heating & Air has been serving customers for many years, replacing and repairing heat pumps as well as offering other services. Our heating repair experts are professionally trained, installing or replacing virtually any heat pump system. We are known as specialists in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas and have built a solid reputation in our community.

We provide Heat Pump Replacement Services in the following cities, towns and islands:

Awendaw, SC | Charleston, SC | Daniel Island, SC | East Cooper, SC | Folly Beach, SC | Goose Creek, SC | Isle of Palms, SC | James Island, SC | Johns Island, SC | Kiawah Island, SC | Moncks Corner, SC | Mount Pleasant, SC | Seabrook Island, SC | Summerville, SC | Sullivan’s Island, SC | West Ashley, SC

If you need Heat Pump Replacement, call 843-225-6265 or complete our online request form.

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