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Heat Pump Tune Up & Maintenance Services

Any mechanical systems will need to be maintained. When it’s seen the last of its lifetime, it will need replacement, but along the way parts can be replaced or repaired as needed.

Unfortunately, there’s no alarm on an HVAC system that will tell you when your heat pump needs maintenance. This makes it easy to overlook the fact that your heat pump needs to be taken care of.

An HVAC system consists of many, many parts. If the system doesn’t run properly, one small part can bring the whole thing down. Regular maintenance can greatly reduce the chance that your system surprisingly breaks down.

Professional heating technicians know what to look for and can accurately estimate how long parts or systems will last within your heat pump unit. However, if not maintained regularly, the system will degrade much quicker than expected.

There are many parts that need regular maintenance, including the major parts like the pumps or condensers, coils, wiring, etc. Making this preventative maintenance service a part of your plan will help to safeguard you against costly breakdowns.

Since breakdowns usually occur when we need our heaters the most, regular maintenance could save you and your family from some very uncomfortable cold conditions in your home.

In our area of the country, it’s vital to have a properly functioning heating system. Too many people suffer with heater breakdowns when they could have easily been prevented had the system been maintained. Make it part of your new year’s plan to call us about our maintenance and tune-up service for your heat pump.

Your Professional Heat Pump Tune Up & Maintenance Specialists

Air Plus Heating & Air provides regular maintenance services for heat pumps and other HVAC systems. We have been in the industry for over a decade in the Charleston, SC and surrounding areas. We specialize in heat pump maintenance services.

Your heat pump is part of your HVAC system. During the winter, liquid refrigerant extracts warmer temperature air from the outside and brings it into your house. During the summertime, the process is reversed. It will pull the heat out of the indoor air and rout it to the outdoors.

Your heat pump system normally consists of two units, the indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. The compressor is the main part of the system that pumps and circulates refrigerant through a looped tube.

A complete heat pump system consists of a number of key parts that need regular maintenance. Each part is made up of numerous parts with some needing regular tune-up and maintenance servicing:

  • An outdoor unit – The heat pump, contains the compressor, fan, reversing valve, and outdoor coil.
  • An indoor unit – The air handler, contains the indoor fan, coil, and a supplemental heater
  • Optional Air Cleaner – You can add on a whole house air cleaner for air purification
  • Thermostat – The main control inside that allows you to program and set functions of the system

We provide Heat Pump Tune Up & Maintenance Services in the following cities, towns and islands:

Awendaw, SC | Charleston, SC | Daniel Island, SC | East Cooper, SC | Folly Beach, SC | Goose Creek, SC | Isle of Palms, SC | James Island, SC | Johns Island, SC | Kiawah Island, SC | Moncks Corner, SC | Mount Pleasant, SC | Seabrook Island, SC | Summerville, SC | Sullivan’s Island, SC | West Ashley, SC

If you need Heat Pump Tune Up & Maintenance, call 843-225-6265 or complete our online request form.

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