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The Town of Moncks Corner, founded by landowner Thomas Monck, dates back to 1735.

Beginning in 1853, the North East Railroad laid new tracks and Moncks Corner became an official scheduled stop in 1856. 

The Depot was the social and commercial center of Moncks Corner and many small towns and villages across America.

Serving in the early days as the center of local businesses and town government, the Moncks Corner Depot also provided Berkeley County farmers a way to market their foods. 

After the Second World War with declining rail travel and improved highways, more automobiles and trucks, many depots were seeing the end of their useful lives.

Scores of these beautiful buildings were resigned to neglect, vandalism, and the wrecking ball.

The Town of Moncks Corner very wisely chose to save its important landmark and infuse it with life.

Completely renovated in 2000 and serving as the Town’s Visitor and Cultural Center, the Depot provides a place to hold special events and classes, as well as a gift shop.

The Depot has come full circle, once again serving as a commercial and social center for Moncks Corner. 

Heating & Air Maintenance Services in Moncks Corner

At Air Plus Heating & Air, our heating repairs team is dedicated to getting your heating system up and running again quickly, so your home’s comfort can be restored.

We also provide expert preventative maintenance services which are important in helping you avoid situations like this in the future.

Your heating and air systems are machines that need regular maintenance checkups and tune-ups, just like your automobile. If filters aren’t maintained and all parts working in sync, there will be a point where it breaks down unexpectedly.

Your air filters, Freon levels, coil, and several other parts need attention at least once per year.

Preferably, the best time to get your system maintained and checked is prior to the firs time you use it when switching between warm and cold air. But any time will do, just give us a call and we’ll put you on the schedule.

24/7 Emergency Heating & Air Services in Moncks Corner

If you live or own a business in Moncks Corner, we want you to know about our 24/7 emergency services at Air Plus Heating & Air. Any time you have a heating or air conditioning emergency, we’ll be standing by to take your call.

Your comfort and safety is our number one priority, and we want to make sure no one has reason to suffer through a cold or hot night when we can be of help.



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