Air Plus Heating and Air
Air Plus Heating and Air
Air Plus Heating and Air

The “Plus” in Air Plus

The Plus in Air Plus Heating & Air is much more than an attempt at a catchy name – it is what sets us apart from others in the residential and commercial air conditioning industry. What’s the Plus? – it’s the services we provide and the distinct difference that our professional management team has to offer.

aptpAll of our installations and system modifications are supervised by a member of our management team. For commercial and high end residential customers, we offer mechanical design services and welcome design build opportunities to ensure that you get the system that meets your needs and expectations.

aptpAir Plus Heating & Air installs and services all major brands. Why? At Air Plus Heating & Air, we firmly believe in using the right equipment for the task at hand and do not limit ourselves to a single “Dealer Brand“. The reality is that different brands have different benefits – we match the right equipment for your needs and budget.

aptpAir Plus Heating & Air only employs the most qualified service technicians to efficiently address your service needs. All too often we here “the same technician (from a competitor) was out multiple times and can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong”. We pride ourselves on our ability to get it right the first time, however, if one of our service technicians fails to correct a problem the first time, our management team gets involved immediately to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

aptpAir Plus Heating & Air Priority Customer Service Program is the most pro-active way of managing your HVAC system’s reliability and performance. Scheduled service also helps to provide cleaner, safer, more efficient system operation, longer unit life and better indoor air quality.

aptpEven the best heating and air conditioning system can fail to perform satisfactorily if the building itself has major deficiencies. At Air Plus Heating & Air, we have the professional staff and training to effectively address building and system performance issues. With over 25 years of building performance experience, our engineering department has the background and experience to develop realistic solutions to even the most challenging situations.

No one is happy when their home or business is uncomfortable or too expensive to condition. That’s why we’ve put the Plus in Air Plus Heating & Air – we know you will appreciate the difference. So if you are in need of new or replacement heating and air conditioning equipment, quality service or if you have unresolved HVAC issues no one can seem to fix, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking for a Charleston Heating & Air Conditioning Company then please call 843-225-6265 or complete our online request form.

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